£4 Dupe for the ABH Subculture Palette?!

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One of the most controversial makeup releases last year was definitely the Anastasia Beverley Hills Subculture palette. Being the follow up palette to the highly coveted Modern Renaissance palette, the Subculture had big shoes to fill. As most of you are probably aware, after it’s release the Subculture palette disappointed many, with complaints of horrendous amounts of fall out, shades being hard to blend and some even claiming the shadows oxidised on their eyelids!

Before the palette released and the drama ensued, I was 99.9% sure I was going to buy the Subculture palette – I LOVE the colour scheme. I own a fair number of eyeshadow palettes but I didn’t have anything even remotely close to this one. For me the colours were a game changer, but I was put off buying the palette after reading and watching all the bad reviews. I just couldn’t justify spending £40+ on a palette that so many people had deemed unusable.

Fast forward a few months, and I stumbled across a post by Makeup Revolution on Instagram advertising their new Re-Loaded eyeshadow palettes. One of them in particular (the Iconic Division palette) bore an uncanny resemblance to the ABH Subculture palette – and the best bit, it was only £4! So I snapped it up immediately, and in today’s post I’m going be sharing all my thoughts on this budget friendly dupe with you.

makeup revolution iconic division palette swatches

When I talk about this palette being a dupe for the Subculture palette, I mean it has pretty much been copied shade for shade. Subculture has 3 shimmer shades, a white with a pink shift, a light metallic green and a bronze shade, so does the Iconic Division palette. Subculture also has three different green matte shades, so does Iconic Division. Subculture has two orange shades and one yellow, so does the Iconic Division. You get the idea, Makeup Revolution were obviously very heavily inspired by ABH when making this palette. I can completely see why Makeup Revolution would want to do this, I think the colours in this palette make for the perfect autumn/winter palette, and it really stands out in the crowd of warm and neutral toned eye shadow palettes that the market is so swamped with at the moment. It’s perhaps not the colour scheme for everyone, but I feel like these colours are perfect for people who like to be a bit creative with their makeup.

makeup revolition iconic division palette3

This is the eye look I created using the palette – I wish my photo did it more justice, taking close up photos of your own eye is difficult! I used some of the red and brown shades in my crease, the greens and black on the outer corner and my lid is the deeper yellow in the bottom left hand corner of the palette topped with the shimmery bronze shade. My inner corner is the metallic green, and I have a bit of the shimmery white on my brow bone.

Considering the price of this palette, I thought it performed really well. The shades took a little bit of building up to get a decent amount of pigmentation, but hey, everyone complained that the subculture palette was too pigmented so that isn’t necessarily a bad thing! The colours blended really nicely, I was a bit worried that it would be difficult to blend these colours together without things getting muddy, but my worries were completely unfounded.

makeup revolution iconic division palette1

For my final thoughts, I think I have to say I really like this palette. It is by no means the most pigmented, high quality product, but taking the £4 price tag into account I don’t think you can go too far wrong (I mean, it’s cheaper than a Big Mac Meal for gods sake!) The colours are beautiful, I didn’t experience any fall out and the shadows blended with ease. So if you like the look of the ABH Subculture palette but don’t like the price tag or don’t want to risk the dodgy blending and fall out, then this is definitely the palette for you.

Vicky xo

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  1. Very good article! I’ve been looking into buying this palette myself. If your ever interesting in a fun collab let me know. I’m still building my site up, etc… take care!

  2. Hey, I’m uploading a review on this same product Thursday and was hoping you wouldn’t mind me linking to yours at the end 🙂 Let me know if this is okay!

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