Barry M Crushed Jewel Cream Eyeshadow Review. Stila Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow Dupe?!

Barry M Crushed Jewel Cream Eyeshadow1

Did any of you see my recent post on the Stila Shimmer & Glow liquid eyeshadows? I bought myself one as a treat a little while back, and I have to say I love it! Something I don’t love as much however is the price tag, so that got me thinking about whether there are any drugstore priced dupes on the market. After scouring the Boots website I found that there were quite a few different options out there, but I decided to test out these little gems – the Barry M Crushed Jewel Cream Eyeshadow.

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These little eyeshadows come in eight shades, and cost £4.99 each – compared to the Stila ones which come in at a cool £23 each I think that is a bargain. I got the shades Blissful which is a light mauvey pink and Cloud Nine which is a bit of a rose gold shade. The packaging is somewhat reminiscent of the Stila packaging in the way that they come in a tube with a doe foot applicator, the Stila packaging however is much more luxe and does look much prettier sat in your collection! I can’t complain about this though as the Barry M ones are less than a quarter of the price!

Barry M Crushed Jewel Cream Eyeshadow Swatches

The Barry M shadows have a slightly thicker formula than the Stila shadows, and the Stila ones definitely have more of a metallic finish and are more shimmery. The Stila shadows dry pretty quickly, but the Barry M ones dry EXTREMELY fast, so you have to work really quick with them – do not hang around with the blending whatever you do! In terms of staying power, I think it would be near on impossible to rival Stila, their ones stay on forever! That being said, the Barry M version still lasted a good 6 hours on me with minimal creasing before I took it off, so that’s not bad going at all! I found the Stila doe foot applicator to be slightly easier to use, but again these are all things that are to be expected when you are paying almost £20 extra for a similar product!

Barry M Crushed Jewels Cream Eyeshadow Makeup Look2Barry M Crushed Jewels Cream Eyeshadow Makeup Look1

Inadvertently the look (I used the shade Cloud Nine here) I created for today’s post is pretty much identical to the look I created for my Stila post – something tells me I need to get out of my comfort zone a bit more! That aside, I was really pleased with the look I was able to achieve with these Crushed Jewel shadows. They are pigmented, opaque and although not quite as shimmery as the Stila ones they are still absolutely gorgeous!

Overall I think that despite the fact that there are some little bits that make the Stila shadows slightly better, I still think the Barry M shadows are worth it. The main reason being that you can buy the whole collection of eight shades from Barry M for less than the price of two shades from Stila! Yes the Stila ones are a bit more shimmery, yes the Stila ones last a bit longer, and yes the Stila colour selection is slightly better, but when you look at the price difference are the Stila ones worth the extra £18?! I personally don’t think so, so if you want to try the Stila shadows but are on a budget (or even if you are not) then give the Barry M Crushed Jewel shadows a try first – I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

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