Budget Valentines Date Night Ideas

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Valentines Day – a special day to celebrate your relationship with your significant other, or an overly commercialised holiday designed by money grabbing business executives?! Whichever camp you belong to, Valentines day can end up being an expensive affair. It doesn’t have to be that way though, so I’ve come up with some simple, affordable date night ideas for any of you who might be struggling with a bit of romantic inspiration.

1. At home movie night

Sometimes there is nothing better than snuggling up together and watching your favourite films. A trip to the cinema however, can end up incredibly expensive once you have paid for your tickets, then bought some drinks and snacks.

Both put your phones away for the evening, gather your favourite DVDs, stock up on snacks and find the comfiest position on your sofa possible, and you are set for a romantic movie marathon for you to enjoy together.

2. Cook up your own candlelit dinner

Is there anything more classically romantic than sharing a candle lit dinner? Most people would associate this with going out to a restaurant but it doesn’t have to be the case. Find some recipes you both want to cook, it can be an old favourite or experimenting with something new. Get stuck in together in the kitchen, and whip up a delicious meal for two. Decorate your table with some nice candles, lower the lights and put on some of your favourite music and enjoy the culinary masterpiece that you have both created together!

Here are some recipes I think look perfect for a Valentines meal –

Pea & Goats Cheese Bruschetta

Creamy Garlic Scallops

Sea Bass with Lemon Caper Dressing

Heart Shaped Pizzas

Love Heart Meringues

Gooey Chocolate Fondant

3. Have a games night

Fancy something a bit more playful? Enjoy a budget friendly night of fun and games! You can dust off your old board games, crack open a pack of cards, or even introduce each other to your favourite video games if you prefer the more modern kind of gaming! You could even buy some small prizes to get yourselves into the competitive spirit.

4. Have a picnic (possibly an indoor one depending on the climate!)

So many of my ideas involve food, but I do think there is something special about sharing great food with loved ones. If you live somewhere that is a bit warmer then a picnic in the great outdoors is always a lovely, romantic date. Don’t worry if you live somewhere cold like me though, you can always recreate the picnic feel in the comfort of your own home. Clear a space on the floor and grab some blankets to sit on, then treat yourselves to all your favourite picnic nibbles (you can make your own, or buy them in) and possibly a nice bottle of wine to wash it all down with.

5. Do some Valentines themed baking together

Everybody loves the occasional sweet treat right?! Well okay, I may enjoy a sweet treat slightly more than occasionally! But what a better time than to spend some time baking up some yummy goodness together, and the best bit is sharing it together at the end!

Here are some recipes I think look perfect for some Valentines baking –

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes

Jam Heart Biscuits

Strawberry Champagne Truffle Tarts

Chocolate Mousse Cup Hearts

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6. Give each other massages

If you want something much more intimate to do, then giving each other sensual massages could be a great option. Dim the lights, light your favourite scented candles and help each other to relieve the pressures and stresses of everyday life. Be sure to invest in some kind of oil – you can get proper massage oils or a bit of olive oil would work, a massage without oil is never as good! It doesn’t have to be as good as a professional massage, just take the time to help your partner relax, and they should direct you as to what is good and what isn’t, it’s more about the connection between the two of you. If you are really unsure on where to start though, there are plenty of back massage tutorials on the internet.

7. Organise treasure hunts for each other

How much fun would a romantic treasure hunt be?! You can leave little trails of clues for each other, leading to little gifts, or if you really are on a strict budget then I think a love letter at the end would be a wonderful idea. A treasure hunt could be done at home, or you could be a bit more adventurous and organise a treasure hunt out and about for your significant other (obviously if you are hiding things in public places make sure they are safe and won’t get stolen or go missing!). You could even leave your partner clues leading them to a place you have planned a special date, I think that would be such a thoughtful and romantic thing to do!

8. Share a romantic bath

This is another really lovely, intimate date idea. To make this bath extra special make sure to set the mood with some candles, some music and your favourite bubble bath or bath bomb. If you really want to go the extra mile then you could get some rose petals also! If like me, you’re not fortunate enough to have a bath big enough for both of you to lie in at the same time, make sure to take turns at the tap end – you don’t want one of you feeling hard done by!

9. Have breakfast in bed

If you don’t have time for an evening date (lets face it, life gets in the way sometimes) breakfast in bed is definitely a great alternative. Cook up both of your favourite breakfasts, and enjoy it served on trays in bed! Make the most of having some extra time in bed, and spend some time relaxing and talking together (or whatever else happens in your bed of course!).

10. Get active

If you’re not one for a relaxing date, and would rather get out and about then a sporty date would definitely be something to consider. You could take a long walk together, or maybe find a local bike trail, both of which would be free. Or you could always try a new sport together, perhaps find an exercise class you both like the look of or book a session at something like a badminton court. You can usually find a wide range of sporting activities locally at a decent price, and a date like this would be great for a more health conscious couple too!

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11. Create a couples scrap book 

Reliving old memories together is a wonderful way to spend a day/evening. You could spend some time together making a scrap book full of your memories, that you can then keep forever to look back on. Get some of your favourite photos printed off, buy yourself a scrapbook and get sticking! You can go as crazy with decorations as you like, it is all personal to you and your other half!

12. Explore your local area

Is there somewhere locally that you have always been meaning to visit, but have never quite got around to it? Then this could be the perfect opportunity to finally organise that trip! Whether it be a museum, a land mark or some kind of activity that is available locally, most towns and cities will have some kind of attraction for visitors to see. A lot of museums are free or just require a donation, so it can be quite easy to keep the budget down whilst making the most of your local area.

13. Plan something exciting for the future

Having things to look forward to always makes my partner and I happy. Is there something you have been wanting to do for a while? Perhaps a trip, or maybe if you are engaged then your wedding? Sometimes it is lovely to spend a few hours together planning something exciting for the future and researching different ideas. This can be done from the comfort of your own home and costs absolutely nothing. If you are not in the position to book anything, then just looking at your options and setting some saving goals for future plans can be a lovely way to spend time together.

So those were my 13 budget friendly date night ideas! I still don’t have anything planned personally for valentines day, but I think one of these options may definitely be on the cards. I hope they have given some of you a bit of inspiration if you were struggling for ideas! What are you doing for Valentines day? Let me know in the comments.

Vicky xo

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