How to – Faux Calligraphy

How To Faux Calligraphy

One of the best decisions I made whilst planning my wedding was learning how to do faux calligraphy. I managed to DIY a lot of my wedding stationary which helped saved a few pennies, and since the wedding I’ve been able to make my bullet journal look prettier with a lot less effort! Once you have the initial lettering down, the ‘calligraphy’ part is actually pretty easy – so don’t be intimidated by it, you’ll be surprised by what you can achieve! Hopefully by the end of this post, you will have an understanding of how to create beautiful lettering, and all you will need is a biro!

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Why I’m No Longer Putting Pressure On Myself To Be Thin


This is a post I have been thinking about writing for a little while, and it’s going to delve a bit deeper than my usual posts. I have always had quite a tumultuous relationship with my body and how I look, as I’m sure some of you reading this will have too. I’m not all the way there yet, but I’ve been working really hard recently to start accepting my body the way it is. It’s proving to be quite the process, but I’ve learnt a lot along the way and I’m going to share some of it with you today.

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Navy & Blush Bedroom Inspiration

navy and pink bedroom inspiration
Image Credit – Adore Magazine

I’m currently planning to redecorate mine and Craig’s bedroom, and I am really excited to get stuck into it! At the moment it is cream with a dark purple feature wall, with rather old, tired furniture that’s on it’s last legs – it reminds me way too much of a Premier Inn and I hate it! I’ve spent many an hour on Pinterest recently, and I’ve settled on a navy and blush pink colour scheme. I just love the rich tones of the navy, contrasted with the softness of the blush pink. I would love to go as bold as the above picture, but I am not sure I’m quite brave enough so I am planning to do a slightly watered down version. I will of course share as much as I can of the redecoration process with you, so I thought I would start by sharing all my inspiration.

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Wedding Planning Tips From a Newlywed


Planning your wedding is one hell of a daunting challenge, there are so many little details to think about and coordinating it all is a big job! Probably the easiest solution to this problem is hiring a wedding planner, however since that is more often than not an unachievable option money wise (it certainly wasn’t an option for me), I thought I would share some of the things I learnt whilst planning my own wedding.

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Our Wedding Day – 06/04/2018


As some of you may already know, Craig and I got married in April, on our third anniversary. It was the most perfect day, and we made some amazing memories! We drank, we ate, we laughed, we danced and most importantly we spent the day with all of our friends and family. It’s taken me forever to get around to it, but I’m finally going to share all the details of our special day with you.

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Musings of a Bride to Be

Some of you might be aware already, but I’m getting married in April. The big day is coming round frightfully quickly, which is making me feel a whole different host of emotions. I thought I would write down some of my thoughts and feelings in a post – if it gets sappy then I’m sorry, but it might do!

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Budget Valentines Date Night Ideas

Photo 07-02-2018, 15 50 16

Valentines Day – a special day to celebrate your relationship with your significant other, or an overly commercialised holiday designed by money grabbing business executives?! Whichever camp you belong to, Valentines day can end up being an expensive affair. It doesn’t have to be that way though, so I’ve come up with some simple, affordable date night ideas for any of you who might be struggling with a bit of romantic inspiration.

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My 30 Before 30

Photo 28-01-2018, 15 58 23

I think it’s always good to have goals, otherwise you just end up meandering aimlessly through your life with no real purpose. When I say that I don’t mean that everyone should have a ridiculously over ambitious plan of their life, I just mean it’s good to have something to aim for, big or small.

I’ve seen a lot of people posting 30 before 30 videos on YouTube, and it’s got me thinking about my goals in my own life. I’ve got some goals and ambitions, but it’s very easy to get sucked into everyday life and before you know it another year has gone by and you’re no closer to where you want to be. I figured that writing your goals down (or posting them on in internet in my case) would be a good way of keeping track of where you’re going and giving yourself some direction. So here are my 30 things I want to achieve in the next 6 years before I am 30.

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