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Homeware Haul (1)

I wrote a little while ago about how I was planning to redecorate my bedroom (you can read that here) and I’m not going to lie, progress has been a little slow.. but slow progress is better than none I guess! We’ve got the room painted, so the next step is to get the furniture upcycled (I’ll make sure to do a post about that when I do it). In the meantime I’ve been collecting a few bits to spruce the room up once it’s done, so I thought I would share those with you today!

Homeware Hail Bedside Lamps

I picked up a couple of lamps for our bedside tables, both of these were from Dunelm. The crazy cat lady in me could not resist this adorable cat lamp! Maybe a bit too much for some, but I think it is amazing and snapped it up as soon as I saw it (followed by a lot of eye rolling from Craig!). I don’t want the room to be too matchy-matchy though, so I decided to get a different lamp for the other bedside table instead of getting two of the cat ones. I like how the colours tie in together, but they are two completely different styles of lamp so I am hoping it will work once they are all in the room together! I’m also looking forward to seeing the effect of the light through all the little holes on the second lamp, I’m hoping its going to give the room a bit of ambience!

Homeware Haul Cushion

I also got this giant cushion from TK Maxx (also a sneaky peek of my new blue wall here too). I love a good ombre effect, and the colour matches my wall pretty perfectly! I’m obsessed with the little tassles too, they give a little extra bit of texture to the place. My single cushion on my currently non-matching bed looks a bit lonely right now, but I’m going to get some plain white bedding and some more scatter cushions to complete the look.

Homeware Haul Mirror

This is my absolute favourite thing I’ve bought for the room so far, obsessed doesn’t even cut it! You will have to excuse my old shabby furniture in the reflection, my bedroom is definitely not insta-worthy yet! I got this from a vintage fair for £25, I’m not exactly sure how old it is but regardless of that it is gorgeous! I’m going to hang this on the wall above my new chest of drawers as a bit of a statement piece. I love the rich bronzey-golden colour which I’m hoping is going to contrast nicely with the blue. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase!

Homeware Haul Picture Frames

Some more second hand bits, I bought three of these gold frames from an antique shop (though I could only fit one in the photo). They came with these prints in which are pretty, but not really my style so I’m going to replace them with something else. I mainly just liked the idea of the really thin, gold frames hung on the blue wall, again for some contrast. These are really good quality frames, and I got them for only a tenner each, so if that’s not a bargain then I don’t know what is! If anyone can recommend anywhere to buy prints from then please do let me know in the comments!

Homware Hail Ornaments

The final few bits I got were just some decorative bits, again from vintage fairs and antique shops. The decanter I am going to use as a vase, and fill with some fake flowers. I love the cut glass, it has such an elegant, vintage feel to it. The twirly, trumpet looking thing is a candle stick (that I still need to buy a candle for) which I thought was really quirky and unique looking to have as a little ornament, again fitting in with the antiquey/vintage look I am going for. The little glass pot I thought went with the decanter nicely, and it’s always handy to have pots that you can keep little bits and bobs in. I’m pretty sure the total of all of these was less than a tenner so I can’t ask for much more than that!

I’m really excited to get this room together now, I just need a spare weekend to get my furniture upcycled and then it will start to fall into place. I’m really pleased with all these bits I have picked up, and I’ve got a new found love for treasure hunting in antique stores!

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Vicky xo


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