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I am a massive lover of Lush’s bath products! Their bubble bars are my absolute favourite and I usually have one or two in my bathroom cupboard at any one time. Aside from their bath products however, I haven’t tried many products from Lush. I thought it was about time I changed that so I went for a little shopping spree in my local store, and I’ve been testing the products out over the last few weeks.


Whoosh Shower Jelly

This little shower jelly is basically a shower gel, but in a solid, jelly-like form. The smell of this product is gorgeous, it’s really refreshing and zingy – perfect to wake yourself up in the morning. The jelly formula was quite interesting, to begin with I enjoyed it, but I’m not sure I will be switching my usual shower gel over to this formula in the long term! It is a nice idea, but I don’t find it as practical as a normal shower gel. It doesn’t lather up as easily and the jelly gets super slippery and hard to hold once it’s wet! I think if this product was in a normal shower gel formula, it would definitely become a regular in my rotation. If you are intrigued by the jelly formula it is definitely worth a try as the smell is totally worth it!


Handy Gurugu Hand Cream

I LOVED this product, it is my new favourite hand cream! It’s a thick, rich cream that is super nourishing for the skin and I feel like it would do wonders for the most dry, neglected hands. A lot of rich hand creams are often quite greasy, and take a long time to sink it – this on the other hand (pun intended!) sinks into the skin fairly quickly considering how heavy a hand cream this is. The scent isn’t something I would usually be drawn to, but I actually ended up quite enjoying it – using a product you like the smell of always helps. This one is 100% recommended by me!


American Cream Conditioner

Conditioners are a product that I am notoriously picky about, my hair is thick, dry and frizzy so a good conditioner is something that I heavily rely on. This isn’t the best conditioner I have ever used, but it definitely isn’t the worst either. It helped tame my mane and smoothed my frizz, but I have used other conditioners that made my hair feel softer. However, since it made my hair look nice I did still like this product, I can get over the fact my hair isn’t constantly silky to the touch. The scent was very sweet, which I personally quite enjoyed since I have a very sweet tooth – if you are not a fan of sweet scents though it might be a but much for you.


Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water

In the past I’ve never found myself drawn to toners, I have tried quite a few but never felt they have helped my skin that much, so I was super surprised when I fell in love with this product! This one is really refreshing, and helps to make my skin feel more balanced. I like to spritz it on first thing in the morning to wake up my skin, and another spritz in the evening before I put on my night cream. I also find this has really helped my skin when it gets irritated, which happens quite often as I suffer from rosacea. If my skin is feeling a bit sore, or a bit hot I douse my face with this and it calms things right down. I’ll definitely be purchasing this product again and adding it into my skincare routine.


The Birth of Venus Jelly Face Mask

Another jelly-like product, this time a face mask! I must admit that masking is a step that I always intend to take with my skincare, but I quite often forget or don’t get round to doing them – this is a habit I am desperately trying to get myself into! This mask I really quite enjoyed and it’s a slightly different addition to my collection. Since it is a jelly formula you pinch a bit of the product off, and rub it between your hands so it forms a paste, which you can then spread over your face. This is another product I find helps my skin when it feels irritated – it contains chamomile oil and lavender which is nice and soothing on my skin. I will say that when my skin isn’t irritated, I don’t feel like this mask makes a huge amount of difference to my skin, but the difference it makes when my skin is irritated makes the product worth it for me.


Overall I’m pretty pleased with all the products I picked up in this haul, none of them were terrible and I’m definitely going to get plenty of use out of all of them. My favourites were definitely the hand cream and the toner water, I feel like these two products are going to be something I will be incorporating into my daily routine and repurchasing when the time comes. The other products I still liked but possibly not enough to repurchase once I’ve used them up.

Which products have you tried from Lush? What are your favourites?

Vicky xo

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