My Highlighter Collection

My Highlighter Collection

Highlighter is a truly wonderful thing, I think it may even be my favourite part of my makeup routine (it’s a toss up between highlighter and eyeshadow). There is something about glowing so brightly I can be seen from space that makes me feel amazing! Seeing as I love highlighter so much, I’m starting to build up quite a little collection and today I’m going to be sharing them all with you!

Single Highlights – 

Elf Baked IlluminatorElf Baked Highlighter Swatch

Elf Baked Highlighter in Moonlight Pearls

This highlight is quite highly talked about on the internet, and I have to say I do think it is worth the hype! It is my go to highlight when I want a more subtle, natural looking highlight. When you first use this highlight you do have to wear off the first layer of product before you can get the best from it, there must be some kind of coating on the top that doesn’t look as pretty as what is underneath. This particular shade is best suited to lighter skin tones, but Elf do offer darker shades of this product for deeper skin. This one comes highly recommended from me!

Freedom Pro HighlightFreedom Pro Highlight Swatch

Freedom Pro Highlight in Brighten

This particular highlight I don’t reach for that often. It looks so pretty in this swatch, but in real life it pulls a bit more pink which I don’t love as much on my skin tone. I find this one a little bit hard to build, it tends to blend out to nothing so takes a few layers to build up. It is super affordable though, and I think if I really loved the colour on my skin I wouldn’t be as fussy about having to build it up!

Jouer Powder HighlighterJouer Powder Highlighter Swatch

Jouer Powder Highlighter in Rose Quartz

This highlight is SUCH a pretty colour! As I just mentioned, pink isn’t the best on my skintone but I use this one on my sister (whose skin is more cool toned than mine) when I do her makeup and it is BEAUTIFUL on her! I really need to pick up another one of these in a different shade. It’s a pretty blinding highlight, not the most blinding one I own but it’s still up there. This has just about the right level of pigment and shine, and doesn’t need much building to get it to pop at all!

Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl IlluminatorLaura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator Swatch

Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in Gilded Honey

Another very hyped product, that I think lives up to expectations. This shade is slightly darker than a lot of others in my collection, so I would say it’s most suitable for medium skin tones, but I can still just about get away with it! This highlighter is SO smooth and builds to a really lovely golden glow. My one is a sample (hence the tiny little pan) but I would definitely repurchase this one if I ever run it out.

MAC Extra Dimension Skin FinishMAC Extra Dimension Skin Finish Swatch

MAC Extra Dimension Skin Finish in Double Gleam

This was almost the highlight I wore for my wedding (but I discovered another in the end, we’ll get to that soon). It’s a really gorgeous champagne, pearly glow that can be worn more naturally (‘natural’ by my standards anyway) and then built up to a more intense finish! MAC are renowned for their highlights and I can definitely see why with this one.

Tarte Amazonian Clay HighlighterTarte Amazonian Clay Highlighter Swatch

Tarte Amazonian Clay Highlighter in Exposed 

The golden tone of this highlight is gorgeous, colour wise it’s one of my favourites. Now let me start by saying, if you like a subtle, natural highlight then steer well clear of this product. If you are like me however, and want to be seen from space then I would recommend giving this one a try. Seriously it is BLINDING!! To the point where you do have to be a little careful with application as if you go too heavy handed you look a bit mental! This is my go to when I want my makeup to be really over the top. The formula isn’t the best I have ever tried, it isn’t the smoothest in application (I think due to the fact it is quite pigmented) and it does have a few glittery particles in it which I know a lot of people don’t like. Personally though, I really like this highlight and don it on many a night out!

Palettes – 

Barry M Illuminating Highlighter PaletteBarry M Illuminating Highlighter Palette Swatches

Barry M Illuminating Highlighter Palette – 

This is one of my newest additions to my collection and the only time I have worn it so far was in my Barry M Brand Testing video, so I can’t give a completely full review on it. I really enjoy the colours, however they are a little on the light side so it’s perhaps not the best option for those with deeper skintones. These don’t give the most blinding glow I have ever experienced, but they are still nice highlights. I’ve found so far that they apply smoothly without too much chunkiness, and I am looking forward to experimenting with them more!

Sleek Solstice PaletteSleek Solstice Palette Swatches

Sleek Solstice Palette

I bought this at the beginning of last year when I was just starting out with Youtube, and it was pretty much the palette that sparked my love affair with highlighter. I mean, just look at those colours! This palette consists of three powder highlights and a cream one. I will admit I have never used the cream one, in fact this is the first time I have even swatched it so I can’t comment on that shade. The other three however are incredible! My favourite is the light golden/yellow shade, I tend to gravitate towards safer colours when it comes to highlighter. The purple I do use on occasions, especially for fancy dress looks – it’s not a colour I could rock on a day to day basis but when the occasion arises it is beautiful. These are super blinding, with very little building needed and I could not recommend them more!

Smashbox Spotlight Palette PearlSmashbox Spotlight Palette Pearl Swatches

Smashbox Spotlight Palette in Pearl 

This is my absolute favourite highlighter, the lightest shade in particular. It is what I wore on my wedding day and it just gives the perfect lit from within glow – blinding but not too over the top sparkly if that makes sense! I will admit I don’t get much use from the other two shades, I am so in love with the lightest one that it is all I want to use! The middle shade is the same formula as the first one, just darker and more pink toned. The third one is much sheerer, and has more of a glittery finish to it than a glowy one so that is my least favourite of the three. Honestly though, this whole palette is worth it just for the first shade in my opinion, it has truly stolen my heart!

Soph x Revolution Highlighter Palette

Soph x Revolution Highlighter Palette

This is another one of my favourites, especially as it is such good value for money! £8 for 8 highlighters is a good deal in my opinion. I love the range of colours, I mostly gravitate towards the top row personally, but the darker colours would be great for deeper skin tones and the purple and pink are good for a bit of a quirky look. These highlights are gorgeous, super blinding and very much glowy, as opposed to glittery. SO FRIGGIN’ PRETTY!! Seriously just go buy this palette!

Cream & Liquid Highlights

Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter DropsBarry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops Swatch

Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops in Beam Me Up

As with the Barry M palette, I got this product recently for my testing Barry M video. So I haven’t had much opportunity to test it thoroughly, but as a first impression I really loved it. The formula is much thicker than the other liquid highlights I own, and I think I prefer it this way as it seems to blend on top of foundation better without sheering out too much. The Iconic London and the Sleek drops for example, I find hard to blend in a specific spot on my face as the liquidy formula makes it spread about and sheer out too much. This highlight gave a really beautiful, lit from within glow and I am obsessed with this light gold shade. I’m super excited to try it under foundation to see how it works like that.

Iconic London IlluminatorIconic London Illuminator Swatch

Iconic London Illuminator in Original

As I mentioned a second ago, this product is much more liquid in formula that the Barry M one. My favourite way to wear this is under my foundation, in fact I wore it under my foundation on my wedding day! Even with a super matte foundation, such as Estee Lauder Double Wear, a layer of this underneath gives a healthy dewyness to the skin. I don’t find it as easy to apply over foundation, as I mentioned before, but I still love it just for an extra glowy base layer! The only thing I do wish is that I got the lighter shade as I think this one is bordering on too dark for me.

Revolution The One Highlight StickRevolution The One Highlight Stick Swatch

Revolution The One Highlight Stick 

I have to admit, cream highlighters are my least favourite formula.. I just don’t get on with them that well! For that reason I don’t reach for this very often at all. From what I can remember this is quite a sheer, natural highlight and it doesn’t really build up that much. The colour is really pretty, I just wish it popped a bit more!

Sleek Barekissed IlluminatorSleek Barekissed Illuminator Swatch

Sleek Barekissed Illuminator in Monaco

Out of the three liquid highlighters I own this is probably my least favourite, but it is still not bad by any means! Similar to the Iconic London illuminator, I find this is best used under foundation as a glowy base layer. Since the formula is so liquid it is difficult to blend over foundation. I don’t find this shows through foundation quite as well as the Iconic London one, but then again this one is about a third of the price! I don’t reach for this one often so I think I need to experiment with it a bit more often.

The Bodyshop Honey BronzeThe Bodyshop Honey Bronze Swatch

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome

Another cream highlight, this one I think I prefer slightly more than the other one I own. This one is a really pretty bronzey, gold highlight that has a very natural finish. I always struggle layer cream highlight over foundation and this one is not an exception to the rule. I think I need to experiment with these cream highlights on days that I am not wearing foundation, and see how it blends over bare skin.

So that is every highlighter that I own. I’m pretty satisfied with where my collection is at right now, I feel like I have a good range – lets face it I’m never going to struggle to find a highlight to use! That being said, I doubt I am ever going to stop buying new highlights (or just makeup in general), I am very much a collector of makeup and I love trying out new things.

What are your favourite highlighters in your collection?

Vicky xo

*Disclaimer – this post contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase a product through an affiliate link on my site then I will get a small percentage of the sale. This does not cost any more to you. This does not affect my opinion on the products, and all views stated are my own.

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