Navy & Blush Bedroom Inspiration

navy and pink bedroom inspiration
Image Credit – Adore Magazine

I’m currently planning to redecorate mine and Craig’s bedroom, and I am really excited to get stuck into it! At the moment it is cream with a dark purple feature wall, with rather old, tired furniture that’s on it’s last legs – it reminds me way too much of a Premier Inn and I hate it! I’ve spent many an hour on Pinterest recently, and I’ve settled on a navy and blush pink colour scheme. I just love the rich tones of the navy, contrasted with the softness of the blush pink. I would love to go as bold as the above picture, but I am not sure I’m quite brave enough so I am planning to do a slightly watered down version. I will of course share as much as I can of the redecoration process with you, so I thought I would start by sharing all my inspiration.

navy and pink bedroom inspiration1
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navy and pink bedroom inspiration2
Image Credit – Instagram @adoremagazine

As I mentioned above I am going for the navy and blush pink colour scheme, accented with grey and gold. I’m not sure our small, dark little bedroom could handle full on, dark navy walls, so I’ve settled for just painting part of the wall navy and sprucing it up with some wall art that sticks to the colour scheme.

reclaimed wood corner shelves
Image Credit – Etsy

Also on the walls I am planning on putting up some floating corner shelves. I’ve always been a fan of a floating shelf, I find they look a lot sleeker than your bog standard shelf. I am hoping to use some rustic looking, reclaimed wood to do these so they should look quite similar to the photo above. I love the layout of these shelves, I feel like they give a little bit of interest to the room, whereas a normal shelf is usually nothing special to look at!

White washed reclaimed wood headboard
Image Credit – Stikwood

I am so in love with the ‘weathered wood’ feel at the moment so I want to attempt making my own headboard from old palettes – somewhat inspired by this white washed wooden wall. I can’t get enough of this rustic, textured look. This will probably be one of the bigger challenges of the project but I am super excited to give it a go! There are a million and one tutorials for me to pick from on Pinterest, and I think I will definitely be roping in Craig and possibly my Dad to help with this one!

upcycled chest of drawers
Image Credit – Babble
upcycled chest of drawers1
Image Credit – Brissi

In an attempt to save a little money, Craig and I have bought some second hand furniture that I am planning on upcycling. I love the two examples I’ve pictured above! I know for sure I’m definitely going to be replacing all the drawer handles, it’s such an easy way to update an old piece of furniture. As for the rest of the design I’m not totally sure what I want to do, but I love the idea of lining the drawers like the first photo and I also love the stenciled  patterns on the second.

Gold Ornate Mirror
Image Credit – The Chandalier and Mirror Company

I want to tie in some gold accents into the scheme, and the main thing I want to include is an ornate gold mirror. Buying one new tends to be expensive, so I’ve been eyeing a few second hand ones up on Facebook Marketplace. These mirrors are so decadent looking, and add a vintage feel to things. It will be my little bit of added luxury.

Macrame Wall Hanging
Image Credit – Etsy
Macrame Wall Hanging1
Image Credit – Etsy

Another thing I am really drawn to that I want to include in the room is a macrame wall hanging, especially these dip dyed versions! The inner crafter in me wants to have a go at making my own, so I’m going to give it a try.. but I always have Etsy to fall back on if it all goes wrong! I’m all about different textures at the moment, and along with the rustic wooden headboard and shelves this adds another one.

Blush and Navy Wall Art
Image Credit – Etsy

Those are my main points of inspiration for our new bedroom, I am really looking forward to having a special new place to relax in. I am a firm believer that the things you are surrounded  by make a big difference to the way you feel. I’m also looking forward to the process of creating the space. I’ve decorated rooms before, but never put this much thought or done anything as ambitious as this, so it’s going to be a bit of a challenge but I am so up for it!

Let me know your dream bedroom schemes in the comments.

Vicky xo

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