Our Wedding Day – 06/04/2018


As some of you may already know, Craig and I got married in April, on our third anniversary. It was the most perfect day, and we made some amazing memories! We drank, we ate, we laughed, we danced and most importantly we spent the day with all of our friends and family. It’s taken me forever to get around to it, but I’m finally going to share all the details of our special day with you.


My day started at home with my four bridesmaids and my Dad. I did my own and some of the bridesmaids makeup (I figured as I know my way around an eyeshadow palette this would be a good way of saving some money). If you’re interested in the makeup I did then I am hoping to film a tutorial of the makeup I wore on my wedding day soon, it will hopefully be up on my Youtube channel in the next few weeks. My bridesmaids all did each others hair, but I paid to have mine done professionally. My hairdresser Tara did an absolutely amazing job, I WISH I was capable of doing my own hair like this, I know it’s a cliche but I felt like a princess! Luckily my morning was fairly chilled, with no big disasters and there wasn’t too much of a rush to get ready. Kate my photographer arrived mid morning to capture the days events for me, all of the photos in this post were taken by her and she did such a beautiful job.


My dress was from Wed2Be  which I would highly recommend if you don’t have thousands of pounds to spend on a dress, they have some really gorgeous dresses at a much lower price than if you go to a boutique. This dress caused me a hell of a lot of stress in the run up to the wedding! I bought it almost a year in advance and then proceeded to gain so much weight it no longer fitted, the last couple of months before the wedding consisted of me actually having to do some exercise and some pretty unhealthy crash dieting! It was all worth it in the end though because I loved the dress and felt amazing in it on the day!


Next came the journey to the venue. I had a gorgeous vintage Rolls Royce from Nixons that my Dad and I shared to take us there. It was nice to take the time to spend with my Dad, and the nerves were definitely starting to kick in by this point. We even arrived a little early which gave us the opportunity to get some more photos before the ceremony.


Our venue was Crondon Park and it was just perfect! The space was just the right size for the amount of people we had attending, and the staff were so brilliant and helpful. They really did go the extra mile to make sure our day was exactly as we wanted it to be.

I was allowed in to have a look around before the ceremony and I was just blown away by how great everything looked. A hell of a lot effort had gone into all the planning by Craig and I, and I was so pleased that it all came together so well! The cake, courtesy of Jan at Bakealicious was gorgeous (and delicious) and the flowers, courtesy of Felicity at Amega Fleur were absolutely beautiful. Since the venue was a barn we went for quite a rustic theme with a soft pink as our colour, with lots of natural wood, lace, greenery and burlap. We tried to add some personal touches, like a Game of Thrones table plan and we decorated our own sweet cart too.


The ceremony room at Crondon Park is beautiful, it’s such a light, airy room and it’s decked out in lots of twinkling fairy lights. I walked down the aisle to 1000 Years by Christina Perri, accompanied by my Dad. The ceremony was lovely, although it did go by in a bit of a blur! The registrars made us feel totally at ease, and neither of us messed up our vows. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect way to become husband and wife!


Following the ceremony we took the opportunity to have lots of photos taken. We obviously had some with our friends and family, but also made time to have some taken on our own. This is definitely something I recommend doing if you are getting married, it was lovely to spend some time with each other, as once the reception starts you are both so busy with your guests you will barely get a chance to speak to each other! We took a walk around the grounds of our venue, along with Kate our photographer and got some beautiful photos. We were so lucky with the weather, it had been raining the whole week up until the wedding, but on the day it was dry and sunny (although a little windy!).


After all the photos and drinks, it was time to start relaxing and celebrating. We had a sit down 3 course meal for the daytime guests. We had salmon fishcakes, roast beef and chocolate brownie which were all delicious! My Dad, Craig and our best man Adam all did speeches, which were emotional, funny and at times a tad embarrassing! Following on from the meal we had lots of drinks, the DJ (who was amazing) started and our evening guests arrived. We also had a selfie mirror as some extra entertainment, it went down really well and we now have a hilarious album of photos of all of our guests! Later on in the night the evening buffet rolled out which consisted of sausage and bacon rolls, just what we needed after quite a lot of drinking! The night ended with us retiring to our bridal suite onsite at the venue, which was a beautiful space, with a HUGE bathroom and a four poster bed.


It really was the most incredible day, and I have made some memories that I will treasure forever! Now I get to spend the rest of my life with the man of my dreams, and I could not be more thankful! Below I have listed all of the amazing people and businesses that contributed to our big day, and I honestly cannot recommend any of them more!

Let me know your favourite parts of your own wedding day, or if you are still to get married what are you most looking forward to?

Vicky xo


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  1. Omg babe you looked stunning 😍😍😍🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼Everything looks amazing 😭congrats on this amazing day!!

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