Shea Moisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Leave In Treatment Review

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Shea Moisture Coconut Oil Leave In Treatment

I’m always on the hunt for products that will help ease my frizzy hair – especially ones that are quick and easy! This lazy girl loves an easy to use product! I came across this Shea Moisture 100% Coconut Oil Leave In Treatment whilst scouring the web for some new products to try. I’ve never even heard of this brand before, but I liked the sound of it so I snapped it up straight away – and in today’s post I’m going to share all of my thoughts on this product with you.

This little treatment comes in a 237ml  spray bottle, and costs £10.99, which means you get a decent amount of product for an affordable price! I love the idea of a leave in treatment, anything I can stick in my hair and go is always appealing to me! It has a subtle coconut scent to it which I love and it isn’t too overpowering.. I love a good smelling hair product!

This is a treatment you spray into damp hair, and then leave to dry and style as you normally would. It is supposed to re-hydrate, de-tangle and soften your hair. Since it is a treatment that you spray and leave it is a pretty lightweight formula – nothing too rich. I like to apply it to the lengths of my hair generously, brush it through and I will then either leave it to air dry or blow dry it depending on how much time I have. This treatment definitely leaves my hair feeling softer, but it doesn’t leave my hair as smooth or free of frizz as I would like. The de-tangling claim however I can definitely get on board with, my usually knotty hair has been much more manageable since I’ve started using this product.

I think overall I would recommend this product – it doesn’t solve all my hair woes, but it definitely helps some of them! If you struggle with knotty, tangly hair then definitely give this a try, it has worked wonders for me in that area. I’m still on the hunt for my perfect frizz relieving hair product, but I’m still really glad I tried this one – it’s a great product and I’m sure lots of you would love it too!

What are your favourite hair products?

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  1. Hello! I just started using this product too and I love it! It’s lightweight which is awesome! I also use it on dry hair, to calm down the frizz of my curls.

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