Three Relaxing Days in North Norfolk

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It’s been a while since I last posted, and a lot has happened in that time! I’m now married (I’ll be doing some posts on that soon!) and I’ve just got back from a few days break in Norfolk with my new husband! Life up until the wedding was exceedingly hectic (hence my break from social media), so Craig and I needed some time for rest and relaxation afterwards. We’re hoping to do a big honeymoon at a later date, so for the mean time we decided just to have a few days break on the Norfolk Broads to relax and recharge after the wedding planning chaos!

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We stayed in an AirBnB (this listing) in a little village called Barton Turf, which is a lovely peaceful area on the Norfolk Broads. The cabin we stayed in had a hot tub and a state of the art home cinema system, so quite a lot of time was spent here in the hot tub or watching the hundreds of films the hosts had to offer! However we did manage to venture out a few times!

The day we arrived we spent some time exploring in Wroxham which is another village, larger than the one we were staying in. We shared some fish and chips and took a stroll along the river, and also had a quick snoop around Roy’s – which is the largest village store in the world, and they seriously sell EVERYTHING! We didn’t buy much but it was nice to have a mooch around.

Our evening consisted of a meal at The White Horse Inn in Neatishead. If you are in the area then I would definitely recommend this pub – delicious food with a laid back atmosphere, and they also have their own brewery on site if beer if something you are into!

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Day 2 we decided to go and see the seals on Horsey Beach – the fog was intense but we weren’t going to let the weather ruin our trip! The walk from the car park to the viewing point was about 10 minutes between sand dunes and some marsh land, which was very peaceful and I imagine even lovelier had it been sunny! Once on the beach you could see the seals straight away (and smell them too!), all laid out by the waters edge. There is something really special about seeing animals in the wild, especially in a country like the UK where it isn’t that common to have wild animals so easy to see like this. It was amazing how close you could get to them, but we did try and keep a bit of distance in the hopes of not stressing them! For an animal lover this is a must do in Norfolk! The beach itself was also lovely, and the sand was oh so soft! On a nice day in the summer I think it would be the perfect place for a beach day.

On our way back we stumbled across Vera’s Coffee Shop which is a quaint little tearoom within a garden centre. We treated ourselves to a slice of delicious homemade cake each, I went for a classic victoria sponge, whereas Craig opted for a carrot, orange and walnut cake. They also did a nice selection of savoury dishes, unfortunately we didn’t have time to try these, there is only so much food we could stuff into ourselves during our short trip!

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For our third and final day we went for a boat trip around some of the broads (we used this company) – seeing as we were on the Norfolk Broads we thought this was a pretty essential thing to do! We took a two hour tour from Wroxham which took us down the River Bure and onto Wroxham broad and Salhouse broad. The guides were very knowledgeable and good at explaining the history surrounding the area and also managed to show us lots of the wildlife on the broads.

For our final meal of the trip we decided to go all out and had a meal at an American style restaurant called The Bridge in Wroxham. My lord were the portions big, but the food was utterly delicious! If you’re a big eater then give this place a try, but it’s perhaps not for the more health conscious of you!

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And that concludes our trip! It was a really laid back and relaxing few days away, not the most action packed trip I have ever taken, but laid back is what we were going for! Norfolk is a really lovely part of the UK with so much natural beauty, since it is only a couple of hours drive from me I feel I will definitely be visiting again.

Have you been to Norfolk? What were your favourite places to visit?

Vicky xo

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  1. Oh my this looks divine!! We are looking at vacationing with the boys in the UK this year, will definitely consider Norfolk now 🙂 The pictures you used to go with this beautiful post are amazing! #sold 🙂

    1. It’s a lovely place, don’t know how old your boys are but there are lots of outdoor activities like high ropes in the forests and things like that which they would probably love! You can get a train from Norwich into London in a couple of hours too. Thank you lovely ❤️

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